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Sunday, November 5, 2017

The Tale of 2 Grays

Ok, actually I think it was more like 5-7. I think I have finally learned the lesson of how to work with our gorgeous, but imposing, original, dark-stained trim when choosing paint colors. I thought I had it covered...I had done my research, including the color with dark trim. I was convinced Benjamin Moore's Gray Owl was our winner. But I didn't get cocky - I still got a sample and had Brent paint  squares of it on all of the surfaces on the downstairs, upstairs hallways and stairwell.  I was confident this was going to look great. I even convinced Brent that painting the hallways was really not as daunting as it seemed...really it was 3 rooms....downstairs, upstairs, and the stairwell - and really only a part of the stairwell was the really, really tricky part. He got to it in his usual energizer bunny kind of way, starting with the downstairs, which is also the spot with the least natural light. One coat done...hmmm...not what I was picturing. Second coat done....oh dear.
"Brent....I think we need to talk before you paint any more."

This is the second time I have done this to him (though to be fair, the first time, he bought the wrong color... see Living Room posts). Again, I thought i was being so cautious, following the right steps to be sure we got it right in our space.

The problem was that none of our sample squares was right next to the trim. Next to the trim Gray Owl looked...like dead gray owl that was covered in some mud. Not the cool, airy gray I was going for. Back to Johnson's Paint for some more samples. This time we tried: Classic Gray, Wickham Gray, Horizon, Abalone, and Shoreline.

Here the new samples are painted on top of the Gray Owl that was already on the first floor.
In the end we chose...Horizon OC-53! And while it is difficult to capture the transformation from murky to a breath of fresh air...

It really has made a huge difference in the feel of our home, and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. I cannot wait to get some art and mirrors hung.

Hey, at least I only made Brent do this...

once! I think there was another ladder involved for the tipptiy top - I couldn't watch, but was ready to call 911.

The trim is its own color that is already in every room and must be respected as such. I'm discovering that, in general, colors with blue and green undertones are what make the trim sing to me.  And I'm not seeing any of the undertones of Horizon in our spaces. Honestly...I now want to repaint the mudroom (and maybe the living room) Horizon. (don't tell Brent!)

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