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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Drawers are dreamy

Deep base cabinets are great for lots of storage - but they don't do much for accessible storage.  We have always kept our big pots and pans in the same lower cabinet - it was really deep and had an upper shelf of about 1/3 depth.  But...unless you wanted the top pot or pan or cookie sheet in the stack...a nightmare.  Brent made this great solution!

They are full-extension drawers.  He built a box that fits perfectly inside the cabinet, and the hardware attaches to the box.  So, the whole thing is removable, should anyone want to.  We have doors for that cabinet at the moment...but we'll see how that works. We might end up making drawer fronts instead so you're not opening two doors just to pull out a drawer.  As someone who did a lot of cooking today - this is a serious game-changer, and I totally admit that Brent was right - this was a worthwhile project, even if this doesn't end up being our forever house.

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