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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Going from Home back to a House

Well, we kind of got bored once our projects were done at House #1.  It seemed like the things we wanted to add or explore didn't quite fit with our first home's size, and we were tiring of our neighborhood's many motor cycle enthusiasts, so we had our eyes out for the past year for our next house to transform.  During the search, we tried to consider some more modern houses that were mostly "done," but...neither of us could get excited about any of them, and the lack of untapped potential left us feeling...blah.

Enter...House #2...a 1906 Colonial Revival that had sat on the market thanks to terrible marketing and being completely overpriced. After it's last price drop, I went first to check out an open house there solo, and then made an appointment to see it with Brent...my first thoughts - WOW the woodwork! Eeeeeew - almost every surface needs something. Do these people ever clean?  BUT it's not falling down and has crazy potential - not to mention a ton of space to utilize while redoing different spaces. TWO staircases! Actual closets for a house of this era! What a porch (I just hope I don't step through it in some spots)! Pocket doors! More than one bathroom! Could we maybe afford to make this work?? Over...many years?

And, it was in one of our two favorite neighborhoods  in town- this one with the plus of being closer to the center of town with all the restaurants, diners, and the library nearby.  If you're going to live in a little city - might as well be near the city part, especially with the benefit of being on a street that is rarely traveled, and thus feels more secluded than it actually is.

So...months of buying and selling drama behind us, a complete rewiring of the new house (thank you, knob-and-tube) plus moving, I type this in the Study of our next adventure...with a list of projects too long to enumerate.  I hope to capture some of our adventures here, as I did the first go around, though now with a two-year-old, this seems more daunting of a task :)  I look forward to the transformation from feeling like I'm staying at someone's bed and breakfast to the feeling that this is our family's home.

Welcome to our new house!

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