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Friday, August 12, 2016

Lighting Preview and more House Name Ideas

While you will be sure to see the lighting as we tackle each room, I thought I'd share the round-up of the fixtures I chose to be installed during the rewiring. I knew I wanted a mix of fixtures that look like they may have been with the house all along (we kept the dining room chandelier) and some that brought a more modern update, but could all work together.

Considering how many had to be chosen at once, that we weren't even in the house yet, and there are rooms that have no furniture yet..I think it worked out pretty well - at the moment there is only one light I want to relocate because it's gorgeous and you cannot really see it in its current location. We also used inexpensive "filler lights" to hold spots for rooms that are really far down on the decorating priority list, or I had no ideas for.  T really likes her purple light - which is super fun, but also not that expensive to change out, should her love for purple wane. We went mostly with brass, antique bronze, and some chrome in the bathrooms to match the vintage style.

You can check out the whole Pinterest board here with the selection of fixtures.

I've also started inspo boards for most rooms on Pinterest if you're curious about what you might find see as the rooms unfold.  All the ones for this house have a 2017 in the title.

Thanks for the House Name ideas that have come in so far!  I'm adding a few to the list here:

  • The Grand Dame
  • The Painted Lady
  • Shady Porch
  • Watch Park (one owner was a big wig at Waltham Watch Company)
  • The Berry House (original owner was A.E. Berry, who owned a dairy)
  • Dairy Queen (see above)
  • Rose Cottage
  • Bakersfield
  • Baker's Inn (can you tell we want visitors?)
  • Brentwood (there's a Brent and a whole lot of woodwork?)
  • Cedarwood (oh wait, Brent had those all chopped down...)
  • more ideas?

Here's a fun link to poke around on. Keep the ideas coming!

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