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Sunday, August 28, 2016

The time we threw a BBQ in a dirt pit

Well, despite our better judgement, we just could not allow our 6-year streak to be broken, and so threw our 7th annual Summer BBQ.  It was later than usual, there were no signs/decorations, and everything felt quite a bit thrown together.  Also, it was held in our "yard," which is currently a dirt pit.  Literally. There are 4 tufts of grass. A big thank you to all BBQ-goes who graciously brought potted plants that we hastily threw into planters in advantageous spots.

That did not, however, prevent the inevitable cast of sub-six-year-olds to emerge looking like Pig Pen, our lovely daughter included.

Highlights of the event:
1. The GIANT ball of all-colors-together of Play Doh that was created (my one and only activity I provided this year...)
2. Said ball of Play Doh adorning one dad's head.
3. The self-guided house tours.  I'm glad everyone knew I was serious when I said - go for it!
4. The electrician, painter and real-estate agent (and their families) staying multiple hours and seemingly enjoying themselves (as opposed to a business-boosting appearance made).  They are all fantastic and I will refer anyone who is in need to them.
5. Finding out that people are actually reading this!
6. Discovering that the hot tub cover makes a great serving surface.
7. Convincing the painter (who doesn't really like to hang wallpaper anymore) to come and give Brent and I a tutorial for my dream Dining Room wallpaper.

8. Realizing that even without my usual level of attention to detail, everyone had a great time!
9. My dear friend who got me a cocktail and plate of food a few hours into the party.
10. Having some lovely friends and family get to see the "before" version of the house.

Today we actually spent about an hour on the third floor - first time that's really happened since we moved in.  It reenergized my plans for those spaces.  I think it will make an amazing guest suite when I get some furniture up there and spruce up the bathroom.

Thanks to everyone who came by!

I promise next year, there will be grass.  Brent is lining up the irrigation and landscapers as we speak. More on that soon!


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    1. This was a mistaken deletion! So sorry...still learning how this works.

    2. (Reposting due to accidental deletionšŸ˜†)
      I.Love.That.Wallpaper. It is awesome! Please tell me that is your actual choice! Where do you get your inspiration?

    3. Thanks, Robin! It is my actual choice..I'm currently saving up for it so it can be a reality. I tried looking for a similar paper that was cheaper - no such luck. Me and my darn expensive taste. I'm rationalizing that it's the basis for the entire color scheme for the first floor and therefor worth it? Plus...there are these perfectly framed sections in the dining room begging for something pretty.

      I will admit to subscribing to: House Beautiful, Traditional Home and Elle Decor. Beyond that there is a lot of googling and searching on Pinterest that happens. Ironically, I cannot commit to reading any blogs religiously, but I'm into Making it Lovely at the moment, as they are also working on an old house and I like her style.