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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Backsplash continued...

While I have been toiling inside what feels like a brick oven this week, Brent has been applying mini bricks to our backsplash.

It's been pretty exciting to see the transformations between when I leave at 6 am and get home at 5pm. For example, this was the first picture yesterday:

and when I got home..

Today was no exception!

He made progress on the nook, completed the stove wall, and started the breakfast bar.

The breakfast bar is especially tricky, because it is going to include a framed panel of different tile to spice it up a bit.  I think it's really going to add somewhere to catch your eye on that side of the room. It needs to compete with the full wall of windows!

So we had to figure out where the mandatory outlets would be, but not distract from the design.  We decided to line up the bottom of the outlet plates with the bottom of the frame. So ... more measuring.

Marking the spot to cut

Hole cut and wire needed to be pulled out

New floating outlet box installed

Tiling begins around the outlets!

Up! Up! Up!

First edge of the frame goes in!
The nook is looking SO great as well!  I can't wait to put the coffee maker and toaster in there!

Brent's main discovery about backsplash tiling? There are MANY cuts that need to be made outside on the tile saw, and they take a very long time.  But we both agree, the outcome is worth it.  Next steps: finish tiling, seal the marble, grout.  Some trim will be finished as well in between the tiling stages.  Once the tiling is done, the LAST BIG THING will be to make the remaining doors and drawers (as much as I love looking at exposed plumbing...and having nowhere to stash silverware... :)

Also, I'm going to be making the curtains this weekend with the major help of my sister-in-law.  That will be a happy break from schoolwork. The fabric has been sitting in the corner for a couple of weeks - I cannot wait to see it up (and take down the plastic).  I also need to get the hardware.  I'm planning on simple rods hung in the middle of the second-to-top-pane, to provide enough privacy, with rings/clips.

I had originally wanted a darker metal, but since we didn't go with that same finish on the pendant light, I'll probably go with a matching brushed nickel look...but my gut is saying dark, so we will see.

Tonight we had our first visitor in a while stop by - to buy our old island!  Our friend Drew had this to say, "Clean, simple, and nice."

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