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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Electrical is DONE.

I fell asleep on the couch at 7:30pm last night....but apparently the electricians worked until 10!  Now every outlet, every under-cabinet light, the in-floor heating in the mudroom, and every fixture works.

Let's start with the under-cabinet lights.

The lights make SUCH a difference on the sink wall.  Not only are they awesome when you are working at that counter, they change the whole look of the room.  I can't wait to see the shelves between the windows...and the curtains too.

I'm so glad that we went ahead with the lights on the breakfast bar.  They really highlight the custom backsplash, and eliminate the shadows from the overhead lights.

Nook with appliances!  Light off...

Lights on!  And they are dimmable.  This fixture is a bar with the switch and twist dimmer integrated.
You just have to reach under the cabinet to work it all.
We figured that would work well when you're already reaching in to use the appliances,
and we could cut down on too many switches.

We now also have a light in the mudroom.
We had to search for one that was less than 5" high so that we could open the door. The outlet and radiant floor heating and thermostat were also hooked up.

New back porch light.  We like the simple lines, slightly modern, slightly classic.

Coordinating light that shines on the back yard.
It makes quite a difference when sitting at the table out there now.

Brent was busy after work the last two days working on the simple cove crown moulding around the room and the face frame for the upper cabinets in the nook. He also framed out the switches on the porch, and installed new weather stripping for the back door.

The nook upper cabinets look very different with their new snazzy face frame.

Brent's planning system.  We use many legal pads in this house.

Dry fit of face frame

Message cabinet was also completed with some foam board, cork, and then was installed.

You can see the moulding on the left.  It will also run across the face frame.
We sprayed the face frame grey so that the nook will look more furniture-like.
These will be the only grey uppers.
The message cabinet is also in place on the right now.  I can't wait to see the doors on!

I've also been picking away at moving ourselves back into the kitchen.  

Spices next to the stove, all labels visible, and alphabetized!

So much wonderful storage

And the best part?  You just have to close the doors and it disappears...

We are beyond excited to have Brent's parents come into town tomorrow afternoon.  I wonder what they will say...

Next job - modify curtain hardware and get it up before we head out to Stow on Saturday, so I can mark the finalized sizes for the curtains.   Still on the list: grout, open shelves, finish venting, build and spray the remaining drawers and doors, moulding above the cabinets....we are getting there!

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