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Monday, September 3, 2012

Sink wall is coming together & backsplash has begun

This weekend involved trim and the beginnings of backsplash tile.

The windows look SO much better with their trim!  But I had a minor freakout looking at the white on white on white...until I saw some backsplash go up today.

Here are some pictures of the trim process:

The trim made such a difference on that wall.  Now there is only one doorway, some baseboard and the crown moulding to go for trim.

After I had spent the five hours preparing the tile sections, Brent started the first two sections today. He got the section next to the fridge done, and the first sheet between the windows.  Then I kidnapped him to go to a BBQ so he could get out of the kitchen and enjoy the beautiful day.

Spreading the mastic.  He used a 1/4 x 5/32 trowel. 

Brent had precut the tiles with the wet saw set up in the driveway.
We removed the tiles around the outlets from the sheets.

1/8" spacers were used against the counter to leave room for the caulk that will match the grout.

Looking good!

Brent also resprayed the garbage can base cabinet so we were able to reinstall it.  I'm really liking how the backsplash is looking with the base cabinet color, countertop and uppers. We will be going with a gray grout to give the subway pattern a bit more definition in the mosaic.

Tomorrow Brent's plan is to continue the tiling.  Sadly, my plan is to be back at work for the first day with staff :(  I miss working on the kitchen during the week!

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