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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cafe Curtains, check!

Thanks to the wonderful skills, and gift of time from my sister-in-law, we now have the real curtains (not dishtowels) hanging! There were a few minor challenges in the process, but they came out wonderfully, and I'm loving the pop of green cheeriness they bring to the space.

We started working a few weeks ago, and noticed that the pattern had been printed slightly askew on the fabric...

But we decided that since it was an all-over pattern, and we didn't have much fabric to waste, we would embrace its askew-iness.  (Really all of these pics should be of Colleen...because she did 90% of the work...but I didn't capture that, as I was trying to absorb as much knowledge as possible.)

Our first draft of the curtains had a significant hem on the bottom, to help with hanging, but it turned out to be too bulky for them to fold back when opened, so we decided to change that.  Also, one hem needed to come up about 1/2 an inch.

So today, we finished the two remaining panels, and then did all of the bottom hems by hand with a  simple whip stitch (I say simple because I could do it) - which I did!

Waverley's Lola fabric in Garden

The remaining pieces were not too difficult today - far less thinking than was involved in the first weekend of measuring, cutting, and lining up the pattern where the panels met.

And, after a few hours, I was able to drive them home and replace the dishtowels hanging from the rings with the beautiful panels.

Unfortunately, I then met Brent at the "Sunday football club" and proceeded to get buffalo sauce into my many needle sticks :)

Here is how they turned out.

I really think the pop of green adds some warmth to the wall of white, and the cafe style softens the space and makes it feel more homey. 

They offer the perfect amount of privacy, but you can still see the greenery from the outdoors as well.

I'm really glad we decided to line the curtains - both for light control, and how they look from the outside. 
Colleen really did a great job matching up the pattern on the paired panels!
Funny thing is how there was an article on houzz.com today about how green is so in this fall.... :)  I find it so relaxing and refreshing, I don't see myself getting tired of it any time soon.

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