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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Piercing the cabinets' ears

Today our little cabinets really grew up - they got their earrings!

Knobs and pulls...

Brent ordered this very helpful template kit that made my job much faster today.

I started by selecting a hole on the template that I felt looked the best.  This was simple trial and error of marking the hole with a pencil and then holding up the knob.

I then went around to all of the doors and marked the spot to drill.  This template made it so fast, and far less nerve-wracking.

After all of the knob holes were marked, I worked on the pulls.

First, you line up your pull's screw holes with the template. Ours are the very common 3" distance apart.

 Then, it's best to block the rest of the holes to avoid a mistake.

Next was more trials to see which set of holes was the right distance from the top of the drawer.  Our plan was to center the pulls on the small drawers, and have the pull the same distance from the top on the large drawer.

Again - always good to make sure you only have access to the holes you decided on...

The best thing about knob and pull install? Instant gratification!

Our stove wall - all dressed up. This part of my day only took about an hour - including the decisions that had to be made - not bad.  Plus, now we can start USING the cabinets that have doors and drawers.  It looks like we will start moving back into the kitchen next weekend (after we "discuss" what will go where). (As in - your father and I aren't fighting...we were just having a discussion....)

Yeah. Right.  I predict the stove drawer will be hotly contested :)

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  1. Everything looks amazing, Liz!! SO impressed with you and Brent! xo - Ang