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Friday, September 14, 2012

Fabric really makes a difference

We may only have one window dressed so far, but WOW what a difference the curtains make.  Not only does the pop of green weave the wall color nicely into the sink wall, but the fabric and dark hardware bring an older touch to the modern touches.

Here is one of our inspiration pictures:

From Better Homes and Gardens magazine

I think we're on the right track!

Here is how Brent and his dad modified the Target curtain hardware that was forcing the curtains too far away from the windows.  This was especially a problem because the curtains need to go behind the faucet.

Larry cutting the extra material off of the bracket.

Old-fashioned tools are still around for a reason - because they work.

Bending the curtain rod support

Brent installs the center support.

A level is your best friend when installing curtain rods.


The same will have to be done to the hardware for the window to the right.  We got smaller hardware for the smaller window near the pantry.  Tomorrow we will be bringing the curtains with us back to Stow to finish them up.  

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