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Saturday, September 1, 2012

I thought I was avoiding math today...

The backsplash is the last MAJOR project that has to happen in this reno.  Since it is something we have never done before, I have spent quite a bit of time researching tips and tricks online.  One that keeps popping up is - SPEND TIME ON YOUR LAYOUT to end up with the most attractive end product possible.

I figured - oh, OK, I can bang this out in an hour or so...OR FIVE....it took five hours, and I didn't even finalize the layout for the feature wall!

How I did it:

1.  Laid out all of the tile 

so that I could group similar tone/texture sheets together - I don't want you to be able to tell where one sheet ends and the next begins, and some of the sheets were definitely more bright white than others.  Since it's a mosaic, it really should all flow.  That meant covering all surfaces downstairs with 39 square feet of tile...

2.  Remeasured all of the areas that will be tiled.

Now that most of the trim is in (pics in a post later this weekend), and cabinets are where they will reside, and counters are in, I re-measured all of the spaces to ensure accuracy.

3. I took the sheets of tile and measured and made rough cuts for each area.  

Essential tools included a utility knife to cut through the mesh backing, a cutting board, a tape measure, my notes on the sizes, and tape to mark the tile for where it will need to be cut with the wet saw.

I also had to make decisions/adjustments for which side of a corner would be tiled first (thereby decreasing the width on the adjacent wall by the thickness of the tile).

4. Labeled each pile of tile so that it will be quick to layout before cutting/install.

5. Poured a glass of wine. 

Thank goodness that is done!   At least now, I feel that I really was a helpful part of the tile install - even if I'll be at work when Brent actually puts it on the wall :)  It is going to have such an impact on the space - I can't wait!  Brent said that he is hoping to start on the sink wall tomorrow! 

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