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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Before pictures have been found!

I knew that Brent had taken these - now you will have a point of reference as we continue to put the kitchen back together. Wasn't it lovely???
You can see the wall that WILL have pantry cabinets and the breakfast bar, as well as the terribly placed window we replaced.

Toward the mudroom - see that crazy window on the left?? Sooo not helpful.

Our fridge/sink wall.  The fridge will stay the same, in the same place.  New dishwasher, sink and faucet, however...

Continuing down the long wall of cabinets

The nook.  It used to house our dishes above and microwave.  We are shortening the upper cabinet so that we will have more height on the counter.  Our coffee maker and toaster will live in there.

The nook from another angle.  Where the calendar is we are going to install a very shallow message board cabinet.

The stove wall.  It's not an ideal spot, but in keeping with our budget, it will remain where it is with a microwave/vent hood above it, a new base cabinet and upper to the right.

Looking toward the basement door and hallway
Can you see why we are SO excited for our new space????

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