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Monday, July 30, 2012

Electrical and Fixin Stuff

Today was a full day of electrical work.  Peter the electrician is thisclose to having the rough in done and ready for inspection.  It's really great to see the new outlets and new lights being fitted in place...now if we only had walls and ceiling around them!!

There was a downside to today...Home Depot did deliver our materials today as they said they would...however the delivered the wrong boards for our bead board ceiling - flat boards does not a BEAD board ceiling make! Brent called them and they will be back tomorrow afternoon/evening to pick up the wrong boards and deliver the right ones...but that meant we had to babysit 26 16' boards...and therefor move them into the backyard from the driveway...not fun. But teamwork makes everything better.

The two limiting factors at the moment are inspections (need electrical so we can insulate, then get inspected again and then FINALLY drywall) and our tinted lacquer for the base cabinets we are keeping and spraying a light gray. Because the tinting is done by hand, by one guy at the shop, it takes time, but I definitely did not think it would take more than a week. Hopefully the lacquer will be ready in the next day or so!  We really want to spray BEFORE we install the new hardwood, but the flooring is the only things we can do that we don't need an inspection for...sooo...fingers crossed.

While I was out celebrating my friend's birthday tonight, Brent took care of a few projects.  He added 1/2" strips of wood to a part of the wall that needed to be evened out with the other side that had been made deeper to accomodate a pipe.  He also tackled his first masonry project.  There are two holes in our chimney from a prior stove and vent fan.

Everyone send us good vibes for inspection schedules to work out and lacquer to be ready!  We need cabinets sprayed, drywall up, and the ceiling installed so we can put in our cabinets!!!!!!!