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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cabinet refinishing in progress

Our new cabinets will have a simple, full overlay, shaker style door.

The base cabinets we currently have will be staying, but with new doors and a coat of lacquer tinted Behr's Graceful Gray.  You can see the color in the walls of the picture below - also, I totally want to steal that stencil idea for somewhere! Perhaps the dining room...

So far the base cabients have been sanded once after preliminary hole filling. More to come on this project!

OK - 9:12 PM, Tuesday:

Today's after work work session started with Brent sanding the cabinets. Next, we taped off the insides.

Then the primer was sprayed.
Filling/sanding, then another coat of primer.  Then the same steps were followed for two coats of our light gray.

With the paper still behind the cabinets, and only painter's lights for illumination, it's not very easy to see the color, but it looked pretty great next to the countertop and floor samples!
It was a long afternoon/evening, but now we can, at the very least, install the flooring this weekend!

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