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Monday, July 23, 2012

Decisions, decisions....

I, who loves making decisions, and is quite quick about it, did not realize how many there are to make in a simple kitchen remodel!  Once we decided on the cabinets, and spent many many hours with Tom at Home Depot selecting the exact ones and double checking our measurements, there were MANY other things to decide.  After looking at the Silestone options at Home Depot, and not finding one that was going to work for us, I looked around for a solid surface gray and white option with enough texture to stand up to some wear.  We considered soapstone look-alikes, marble look-alikes (I really liked Lyra), but they all seemed too...solid in appearance.  Plus, what if a future buyer really wanted granite?

We decided upon Caesarstone Atlantic Salt.  

Then, it was onto the paint color for the lower cabinets...so many grays to choose from!

We've decided to go with Behr's Graceful Gray (second from the right).

Next decision... onto backsplash.  I know that it has been advised to wait until the countertop is in the space, but given my wide collection of samples, and the knowledge that we would like some marble to luxe up the space, with low contrast, and a classic look, I felt confident to select.

While I loved the modern look of the bottom left (reminded me of smooshed penny rounds), I really wanted marble!  So ultimately, we decided to go with the mini subway tiles in carrera (top right), and an accent wall of the smooshed hexagons (middle bottom).  A big shout out to Amazon.com and Glasstilestore.com for prices that were less than half of what I was quoted at the tile store!

Meanwhile, we had been looking for a bridge faucet, but were not appreciating the prices for our tiny budget (700-1200 bucks!)  Luckily, we found this great option at Lowe's.

It's a Delta faucet with decent reviews, so fingers crossed it works out!

The next decision was the flooring.  We had thought about Marmoleum...it looks so retro, and we even found a gray on light gray option, but I wasn't thrilled with the reviews about how it holds up.  My mom suggested hardwood, since the rest of our first floor has great hardwood, and it would be great for resale.  After some research, we feel that the Bellawood Natural Red Oak in 2.25 inches will be the best match for the rest of our flooring.

Finally, we picked out a sink, microwave/range hood, and dishwasher.  We found them all at Home Depot after doing some research.  We also found what to use for the bead board ceiling there as well.  Now just to get all of these things into our new space!


  1. Can you post pictures of your finished kitchen. I also chose Atlantic salt for my kitchen. I purchased a white kitchen from ikea. I'm worried about the piece I will get. The sample piece at ikea did not match with the countertop that was on display in a kitchen. The display piece was brown in color rather then white. I'm worried what I will get. My email angiemdaniels40@gmail.com. Thank you

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