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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fabrics in a kitchen

While I love all of my smooth coutnertop and shiny marble surfaces, I don't want the kitchen to end up feeling too cold and white.  While I'm not sure exactly what style of curtains I want, I definitely want SOME fabric on the windows along the sink wall.
Cafe height curtains could be nice because we don't need full privacy, but then do you see the fabric very much?

Perhaps an upholstered cornice out of the way of splashes?

A functional, OR faux roman shade?

I think that green is going to be the constant thread in our downstairs living spaces.  It starts with the gorgeous bottle green we have in our foyer.

This color is also seen again inside the built-in china cabinet in the adjoining dining room, which just so happens to be next to the kitchen door.  (Ignore the dining room walls, they have yet to be touched.)

I've also been acquiring some fun green glassware, plates, and prints.

So I think that I would like to have a green pop on the windows to bring the other rooms in the house into our predominately grey and white space.

I'm kind of in love with this Anna Griffin fabric...
Not only is it bold, and graphic, but it kind of gives me a 1920's feel with the pattern.

This Amy Butler print is also lovely

And this one...

I always love me some hexagons, and this would pick up on the accent tile on the opposite wall...plus bring in the planned yellow for the dining room...

This is more subtle, but still has an "old" feel

Also...modifying already existing, budget-friendly curtains is always a good idea - check out this option from Target!

Let me know if you come across any great fabrics - clearly I like geometric/medallion patterns... since I just ordered these jazzy dish towels... and I picked up this runner

as a possible contender for in front of the sink.  I'm also toying with a complimentary grey/white pattern for the curtains...

The next three options are also budget-friendly from Target:

What if I used shower curtain material...better near the sink? :)

 and bringing my green in either on the wall color OR with accessories...oh decisions...that don't even need to be made for a long time...but are still more fun to think about than curriculum work :)

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