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Friday, July 27, 2012

Lights are coming!

Since the ELECTRICIAN is HERE RIGHT NOW!!!! I cannot help but think again about lights.  Brent and I mapped out our lighting very carefully on Tuesday night, and, with a smaller island, we decided that we can indeed have one light of interest(score!)!  So, I must continue the quest for the perfect light.  That is what I will do instead of curriculum work....

I am becoming increasingly into the idea of either a clear fixture or one with mercury glass.  These options will have less visual weight, even if they do hang down over the island.  Plus, they will add a little sparkle, but not be TOO formal for our kitchen.  Of course, I'm torn, and the other options are of the heavier antiqued bronze variety (to tie into the dining room light fixture...).

Jamie Young seems to be everywhere and has a couple of options I really like.  I think they would be interesting enough to be on their own (since we would only have ONE fixture over our mini 3-ft island).  All of his designs come in mercury OR seeded clear glass :)

Modern Kitchen Lighting And Cabinet Lighting design by Lighting Fixtures Lamps Plus

I really enjoy the clear, seeded glass.  It also comes in mercury glass

Home Depot

West Elm

Pottery Barn


I also like the idea of adding some green touches to the room.  This is an allen + roth from lowes.com

Rustic look: 
I REALLY want to hear some opinions - so please comment! (here or on fb)

This will most likely be the LAST purchase we make for the kitchen (well except for maybe the trim). This way whatever I buy, I can try it out in the space all finished and return if no me gusta.


  1. I will work on this over the next couple days (I need a nice distraction...). When do you need to make the final decision by?

  2. We've got time...can go in at any point once we have our beadboard ceiling up, and I'd like the cabinets up as well...we've got a few weeks I'm sure. :)

  3. The West Elm one jumped out at me, but so did the green one - that could be really cool!!

  4. The west elm and the greenish one. But I am sure it depends on the tiles you selected and such...