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Friday, August 10, 2012

A slight detour

So, I guess we are one day behind, thanks to our plumbing surprises, but that's not too bad.  Today we needed to finish the walls.  That meant sanding, another coat of mud, sanding, vacuuming the walls, and then priming.
I can picture Brent in 30 years with gray hair now...

While things were drying, we started to prep the cabinets - I removed all of the doors and shelves and put them safely away (labeled).  We realized that it would be MUCH easier to paint the walls without cabinets.  So, I quickly picked a color.

We figured, if we hated it, it won't be that hard to change, but we could possibly save ourselves a hassle later if it happen to work out.  I had HD color match allen + roth's bay area - a dusty true green....it might be too dark, but we'll see how it goes...

The nice thing was that we could paint strategically, knowing where cabinets and backsplash was going, there wasn't really that much green to cover.

I had really hoped to have some cabinets hung tonight, but we spent a good hour working through our plan of attack, taking measurements, and trying out the cabinets in the actual space to make sure everything made sense.   We also watched some Kitchen Renovations with cabinet installs while waiting for pizza...because Brent wanted to "stay in construction mode" - TOO cute.

This whole wall of cabinets will start by placing
 the upper that is over our new garbage can cabinet.

It will actually be a lot easier walking in from the hallway now,
thanks to scooching the cabinet next to the stove over (my right)
 and the fact that the pantry cabinets are 3" more shallow
than the old open shelves that were to my left.

I can picture it!  I can picture it! :-D

The garbage cabinet that we sprayed gray
(will be to the right of the fridge, and to the left of the dishwasher)

You can really see how the color changes in different lights.
SO excited just to have some cabinets IN the space!

What do you think of the wall color? Too dark? Too...anything?

I guess my only fear is that the light gray base cabinets don't stand out as much now...but..maybe that's not a bad thing?  I'll be interested to see the color in daylight tomorrow.

My parents are stopping by tomorrow at 10:30 in the morning...I wonder how many cabinets we can have in place by then...setting an alarm for 6 AM!  (That's IF I can sleep...I'm so excited to see it looking like a real kitchen!)

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