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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Surprises good and not so good.

This morning started with some moving around of materials.  We knew we had to inspect our cabinets (you have 7 days from delivery to do so), and move the drywall into the house from the garage so it was ready.  As we de-boxed the cabinets, I was reminded of how excited I am for our final product!  Which is good, because we were definitely both looooow energy today.  I was zipping along, inspecting the finish and checking them off the list as Brent brought them in when I realized that they ALL opened with left-hand hinges....and we only had three left-handers in our order.  Well, maybe they are upside-down, I thought to myself - it is a symmetrical door.  But that can't be right because there is a larger reveal of the face frame on the top...PANIC!

I had Brent also investigate, as I am definitely not the spatially gifted one, but he also noted the face frame discrepancy.  Well, before we freak out that our timeline is blown...let me think...the only cabinets that would impact our counter-top template schedule is...the one tall pantry cabinet that serves as one anchor for our breakfast bar....and it was also left-hinged.

Ok. Panic commenced.  Armed with both our HD order (which was correct) and our packing list, Brent called the cabinet company.  Wendy was lovely...asked who our installer was (us), who our designer was (us), and calmly, without laughing at us, informed us that all of the cabinets of our door style ship left-hinged, but have pilot holes pre-drilled on the OTHER side to switch.  BIG PHEW!  Smiles and coffee all around.

Then, we did some work as we waited for the building inspector.  Now, keep in mind that Brent had specifically told the guy in the permit office that we were not moving any plumbing and asked if we needed a plumbing permit, as we were disconnecting and reconnecting - that's it.  He was told that we did not.  Today, we were told we did need to pull a permit to have the sink, dishwasher, and disposal rehooked up (WE CAN TOTALLY DO THIS.) AND that our capped gas line from the stove really should have a solid cap on it....We passed building inspection, but would need a final plumbing inspection...with a permit.  Oh, and that we have to change one thing in our stove venting (which I guess we will attack from the floor in the eaves...)

Plumbing was NOT in our budget...because WE AREN'T DOING ANY OF IT...Brent called the plumber we have used once, a local guy whom we like, and got him on the phone right away.  After explaining our remodel he told us we actually needed 2 permits - one for the sink/dw/disp and one for the gas line....and that the estimate for this work was...900 bucks.  NINE HUNDRED BUCKS. (exactly why we AVOIDED ALL PLUMBING in our remodel...)  Plus, we might have to have another inspection prior to continuing with our work... I guess every remodel has a bump in the road.  At least it was only one today instead of two! :)

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