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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

And we have..walls - mostly

So, the good news is that some how, miraculously, we should not have to shift our timeline, despite our very expensive plumbing surprise.  The plan is for the plumber to come tomorrow morning (he squeezed us in), and we can get our initial plumbing inspection tomorrow afternoon.  After that, we should be able to finish the drywall, which SHOULD have us putting cabinets in Friday afternoon.  The nice things is that seriously...90% of our wall surfaces are covered by cabinets or backsplash or trim - I love trim!  Not only does it look so nice and polished - but it hides a world of sins :)  Crown molding will be key since we have a transition from drywall to beadboard.

So today ... today ended up being a FULL day of drywall.  While we had wanted to start screwing it up yesterday, we waited because we were not sure what the plumbing inspection would entail.  By the time we got the call that we could proceed with most of the drywall....well...we didn't do it yesterday.  So today we had to get it up AND mud and tape, oh and also prep under the sink for the plumbing work (pull out back of the cabinet and peel back insulation around the vent pipe).

One trick we used was to go around the room and mark the studs on the ceiling and floor before we started so we would know where to drill once the drywall was up.

We developed a pretty good system...once I figured out how to use the impact drill, I took that job while Brent measured, cut and fit the drywall pieces.

 It really started to look like a real room once the drywall started going up!

It took until 6pm to get all of the drywall up.  We still had to mud and tape...so off to Panera for our second dinner-to-go this week and then mudding and taping it was.  Since this was slated to be our (hopefully) one super late night or working, we decided to celebrate with working cocktails and some chill music.  We were able to finish up by 10:30.  Of course, drywall is a multi-day process, but only ONE major job remains for us - cabinet install!

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