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Sunday, August 19, 2012

New "island" with stools!

I am absolutely in love with the perfect size of our new work surface in the middle of the room.  I guess my file-folder method worked.  While I think I will be happy when it is ultimately a wood top - perhaps using some Ikea countertop material, I really think we nailed the size.   It feels really great in the space - both tall pantry cabinets are totally accessible, but it's enough surface area to use, and the open bottom really goes a long way to lighten up the space vs our previous closed island.  

Brent and I really liked the Ribbon stools we picked up at West Elm yesterday (-20%!).  I think it's just the right blend of industrial and architectural and will be a nice darker contrast when you can finally see countertops and floors...Plus, they will tuck perfectly under the breakfast bar when not in use, can be used there, on any edge of the island, AND the footrests make it easy to sit ALL the way up to the island (I was afraid the bottom shelf would prevent comfy seating at the island, but with the footrests on the stools, it totally works!)

Also - check out these awesome vintage 1930's fruit/ice cream dishes Meridith sent me for my birthday - LOVE them.  I now want to make sure the open shelving on the windows wall is the perfect depth to display them.

Brent is currently working on the book shelves for above the breakfast bar.  We are hopefully* going to do our slab inspection tomorrow - not sure how far our countertop install will be pushed back.  We are also hoping to get Peter our electrician back early this week to do the final hook up of our electrical.  The list of to-do's remains long, but once we get countertops installed, we can tackle the last MAJOR project - backsplash.  Then, as I go back to work, Brent will be tackling the trim, filler strips on the edges, fixing up the walls, and creating the doors for the base cabinets we kept and the ones he created, as well as the open shelves for the sink wall.  Eventually also tackle the mudroom - floor and built-in.  Oh, and I guess I need to decide on a fabric so my fabulous sister-in-law can help me with the curtains :)

I am no longer infatuated with the Charlotte Moss - TOO pricey and too stiff for the kitchen.  Of the samples I currently have in my possession,

Wouldn't the upper left look amazing in the foyer???

my two favorites are:

Probably best to have more green than white/ivory in a kitchen application...and I want to keep a geometric feel.  The bottom choice has the best feel - heavier than the other, and the green is a little softer, like the walls.  Though I like the pattern more on the top choice....hmmmmm... have to figure something out...because when the window trim gets replaced, bye bye blinds/privacy!

I've also started to try to figure out the tile for the breakfast bar.

Back to schoolwork...SO not as fun!

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