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We are two house-loving DIYers now onto our second house. One of us has vision...and one has actual skills.
Design and working on our home are our major hobbies, whenever we have a few moments of free time not devoted to our daughter or jobs. We are hoping to share our ideas, triumphs and mistakes to help other DIYers and get new ideas from all of you!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Countertops installed!

At 7:25 this morning, our kitchen looked like this:

It is a great thing that we get up early, because Pablo and his partner pulled up at 7:30, a half hour before the window we were given, as we had just gotten the dishwasher into the space.  We were ecstatic!

The first piece to go in was our sliver of real estate to the right of the stove.  Although, this is significantly bigger than our previous sliver.

Next, Pablo had to modify our sink.

We are leaving the blue tape to protect the paint until the plumbing is all set.

Sink had to be dropped in
 before the counter went on.
The breakfast bar went in.

Rounding off the edge by the fridge.

The pieces were all dry-fitted, and adjusted, and then the epoxy was mixed up for our one seam.

After the seam was set, the sink was installed

Then the 5 holes were drilled - 4 for the sink/sprayer, and 1 for the air switch for our disposal.

Ear protection is essential!

And by 9 AM, they were DONE! 

We were told to keep in mind not to put hot pans/pots onto the counters (since they are man-made and not granite), but there is no upkeep to do whatsoever.  We should leave the counters alone for today (as in - don't do the plumbing) but we can set things on them and of course, look at them. Incessantly. 

We set the faucet in place to see what it would look like. 

The nook is looking fancy.

Our existing base cabinets are taller than usual, so just as we had to raise up the garbage cabinet, we'll have to raise up the dishwasher as well. 

You really can't even see the seam, and it feels like we have so much counter space now! 

Can't wait to get the framed section of backsplash in here.

Trim is now the only speed bump to backsplash!  Then it's onto more electrical, plumbing, and we'll be functional!

Oh, and Brent is currently working on the mudroom flooring (tile with its radiant heating)...but more on that project later.


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