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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Zeroing in on Paint Colors and Fabric

I've received a few fabric samples that I ordered, and picked up some Target options, and have started to narrow down the direction in which we need to be going.  I also got to visit the paint dept at HD today while Brent was picking up vent pipe for the microwave range hood and scope out some new options.  I know that I do NOT want to be in the yellow-green realm...which seems tricky in the fabric world.  So many green fabrics are lime/kiwi these days.  In order to tie in the foyer/china cabinet green
(here is our inspiration color, CB Primavera from House Beautiful Magazine), I don't want to stray too far.  Plus, we are going for a classic/retro feel, and that is more in the gray-green region of the color wheel.

Here are some new curtain options I am looking at:






Brent and I are definitely thinking the rings with the clips for half-window style curtains.  We think it will look casual and meet our privacy needs.

Eclectic Kitchen design by Birmingham Interior Designer Tracery Interiors
(Funny...I think this is one of the chef's tables I was looking at for our "island"...)

For paint colors I spent lots of time looking around today while Brent picked up the venting...

Contenders include:


Martha Living:


I think the curtains are going to be the harder find.  I'd be happy with almost all of these paint colors.  Each looked at least somewhat complimentary/related when held up against a foyer wall.  Keep your eyes out and send me anything you find for fabric or paint!

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  1. Your blog is great. And your work is absolutely amazing. I am so impressed by it! I love seeing the step by step and can't wait to see it all finished when I visit next Spring! Mer PS: I like pistachio ice cream.