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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Our oopses to date

While we have received some lovely praise for our work so far (thanks, moms!), it would be an incomplete story to not highlight the two difficulties we are currently "fixing."

The first oops was in the first bank of cabinets we installed (not surprising).  Because we are going to make our own shelves for the center of the pantry wall, and our floor slants, we were concerned with getting the heights of the two tall cabinets the same...which we tried to, but are SLIGHTLY off.

It looks like when we were leveling the base for the left cabinet, which had to be raised due to the floor, we raised it a LITTLE too much above the line.  We will probably raise the center right upper slightly, and then hide the oops on the top with our trim...we'll see how it comes out.

Second oops...Brent was SO excited to get the new plate and message cabinets into the nook.  And they went in and fit GREAT!

Then...we went to try a shelf...

Brent had made them just a HALF inch too short!  He NEVER makes measuring mistakes...I think fatigue is catching up to us.  He's almost done with the new shelves, and we can cut down the oopses and use them for the cookbook shelves.  No biggie!

The only other thing we realized today is that we wish we had a slightly taller cabinet above the microwave/vent.  In order not to have the microwave mounted TOO high over the stove (what if the future residents are not as tall as us...) we will have to create a filler strip between the cabinet and microwave...which means we need to locate longer screws with which to mount the microwave through the filler strip to the cabinet above it.

But that wall is looking snazzy!

Cutting the over the microwave cabinet for the venting and power.

We also have plenty of dings to fix up in the walls, but that won't be too bad.

There is only ONE CABINET to go - the one over the fridge! (oh, and the cookbook shelves)...but we are SO close to having all cabinets set in place...now I can't wait for doors and hardware!!!

Also, we went to West Elm and BOTH tried out BOTH of the stools we liked and the winner ($73 off for the pair, thanks to our coupon!) was...

The Ribbon Stool in "Raw Steel."  Brent really preferred the open feeling at the base, the perfect height of the foot rest, and the architectural interest.  They even had them in stock in the store - so now we have them in our foyer - will take pics when they are unpacked and our chef's prep table is assembled...

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