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Monday, August 20, 2012

A milestone - all of the cabinets are in!

Oh yes, remember this?

It just feels like...a long time ago that we started putting up the cabinets!

But we chipped away.  We shimmed and leveled...

We excavated dry wall...

 And now, we are DONE!!!

Big phews all around.  Now just to get the electrician back, countertops in (still on track for Friday!), and then we'll be cruising along towards having our working kitchen back.  Last big headache (hopefully) is figuring out the microwave height and getting it installed.  SUCH a relief to be done with cabinets!

Breakfast bar/pantry
Properly fitted shelves in the nook

Brent also made the panels to hide the under cabinet lights.  We used bead board panels that echo the ceiling nicely.  Brent created a trim piece that attached to the bottom of the cabinets with a groove to hold the panel up, and then the panels will be tacked to the rear of the cabinets.

Today was a pretty fun day because when we went this morning to check out our beautiful Atlantic Salt slab,

and find out that the schedule has not been blown...we discovered the remnant yard!  And how, for $20/square foot, we could have our pick of SO MANY pretty remnants to make into our island countertop.  While the wood would have been nice...I was totally drooling over the slabs.  Hopefully Brent and I can pick out a beauty.  We'd like it to compliment our other countertops, but be different enough to stand out.  There were MANY options we liked....and trying to find a 2' x 3' piece is not all that difficult. :)  Plus, we can be slightly bold, because the island is not a permanent fixture in the space.   Of course, I want to pick one out...now!  But I will be patient... :)

Also, new fabric samples came.  Always fun.

I think I have a new favorite...I know...I know... I keep having a new favorite, but I mean it this time!  And Brent likes it too!

It's Waverly's Lola in Garden (right side up top there)

It has two shades of green (hard to see in this pic), is less than $15 a yard, and I think has the right notes of green but still feels light.

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