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Thursday, August 30, 2012

New trims

I guess there have been two sources of trim in the last 24 hours..

And then the trim in the kitchen.

Today, Brent set out on a mission to go from the mudroom door all the way over to the stove with baseboard, toe-kick, caulk, and door trim.  Quite a job!

The door to the basement went from...


Thanks to some steps like...
Door trim cut to accomodate the counter and base cabinet

The breakfast bar/pantry cabinet area also got fancied up.

Where it started at 6:30 this morning

Brent worked his way over

Trim makes SUCH a difference!

Breakfast bar all gussied up! (with crap on the counter...)

Tomorrow is onto the nook - lining the message cabinet with foam core and cork board, creating the face frame and spraying it gray, and perhaps the under cabinet lighting over the sink wall so we can move onto window trim and...dare I say...backsplash? Still hoping to have everything finished by 10/1..so we can have a kitchen warming party in Oct!

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