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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Most electrical + Plumbing = functional kitchen

Well, our deadline was to have a working kitchen by the time school started, and while I have been back at my new job since Monday, TECHNICALLY, the students don't come until next Thursday, so I guess we met our goal! (See? I always thought I would make a good project manager...)

Wednesday was a very exciting day, as the plumber returned to hook us up with running water and a working stove.  Brent took some pictures while the father and son team worked.

New water lines 

The faucet, sprayer, and air switch were installed

New supply lines in place

garbage disposal without dentures!!!

Making attachments

New fabulous dishwasher almost ready to use

Gas line for the stove

Working stove!!!

So as of Wednesday we have had...running water...a working dishwasher...and a working stove!  Have we cooked yet?  No...next week...

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