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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Insulation (Thurs night - Saturday morning)

In order to have our next inspection, we needed to insulate.  Jokingly in the beginning, Brent was like...I wonder how much it would have cost to have someone come in and install spray insulation...I was like - that's nuts!  We got this! ... insulation has been my least favorite task to date.
First step was to spray foam the very narrow spaces.

Spray foam around the windows

Me attempting to fire foam between the two floors (anywhere a wire struck through what would be the ceiling)

Of course, I had my tongue out in concentration.

Brent SAID that the yellow foam only expanded 1/2 as much
 as the white foam, and therefor, I should use TWICE as much....

Ummm....foam fail.

It was actually kind of funny-looking.
Also, it fell down in the right-hand corner.

Brent insulating.
 Respirator - always a good idea.

Porch insulated.

Vapor barrier added around the windows

Yay!!!! Done!!!!

Outside walls - insulated :)

Don't forget the porch ceiling!
Take-aways from insulation:

1.  It's basically a puzzle.
2. It's itchy.
3. I suck at cutting with a utility knife.

We started on Thursday after the electrical inspection with a little bit accomplished...we continued Friday night, and then Brent concluded Saturday while I started painting the beadboard for the ceiling.

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