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Monday, August 13, 2012

Ghost? Bistro? Industrial? Mission?

While I have enjoyed sitting on our $30 a piece stools from Target, I am excited to choose ones that really compliment our new kitchen (to go with the breakfast bar and to-be-determined 2'x3' workspace/mini island)

We are Francophiles.... remember our trip to Paris? And we have some classic marble in our backsplash and other classic touches, so I am digging these Restoration Hardware French Cafe Stools. Classic, a back is always more comfy than without, and surprisingly affordable for Restoration Hardware.  They look like this, but with longer legs:

I also LOVE the fact that these come in green!  But are super pricey...

Then there is the slightly more industrial look - and only $80 for BOTH!

They also come in plain metal.

These are a classic choice that pop up in magazines all the time.
Around $200 for the pair.

I do love these Ribbon Stools from West Elm
As well as their Industrial Stool

Though I did sit on both at the store, and the Ribbon was more comfy.

Crate & Barrel has several likable options, though there is no bargain-hunting happening there...

I don't want to splurge and spend 500 bucks on these things...NOT our "forever" kitchen! But, I do want them to really add something to the space...thoughts?  Find any others we should consider? Bonus points for finding great bargains :)


  1. Did you see the stools they went with on the young house love blog? The bought them from a school supply catalog:

  2. Ha! I did see those..but home is where I go to get away from science education :)

  3. Interior-deluxe accessories!! Very nice stools! Love the colored ones!