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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Trim, raising the dw, fixing under the sink

Today when I left for work, Brent was all set to tackle the "weird wall" which used to be part of the opening that separated the kitchen and the nook.

It's on the right here - oh yeah...it also had the phone jack in it...

It was a challenge to trim.  We decided to use 3 pieces of the same trim we are using on the doorways and windows with blocking on the bottom to make it look columnesque.  I came out really great!

New trim on the left.  We moved the stove back in, but it's not hooked up yet!
The next task for the day was to raise up the dishwasher to the proper height.  The base cabinets we inherited with the house are nice and tall (good for us!) but taller than standard, and so Brent had to build up a base to put it on.
First, Brent used 2 layers of 1x4 material glued together to get the 1.5" inches we needed.  Then he used long screws to secure the strips to the hardwood so they are not going anywhere.

Ta da!  Dishwasher in the right spot.  
Next, Brent dealt with the sink cabinet (see right of dw above).

The baseboard that used to have the drain pip running through it was patched (now that our drain is to code...)

The base of the cabinet also had to be replaced.
We took out the original bottom when the plumbing was being addressed. 

Brent put in 3/4" plywood and shoe moulding to finish it off.

Lastly, the interior was painted a nice, bright white.

Tomorrow is slated to be a very busy day! Plumber at 7:30 AM - everyone cross your fingers RIGHT NOW that we will have running water and a working stove when I get home from work!

Then, we have the electrician coming back at 5 or 6 PM.  Plugging away!

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