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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Who wants drywall?! Beadboard ceiling!

Ceiling installed and completely painted (we used Behr's Swan Wing)
Brent was the one to come up with the idea for the ceiling.  I cannot take credit for this one.  We had seen it in a few of our inspiration pics

and Brent reasoned that we could actually install it ourselves, as opposed to hiring someone to drywall the ceiling, and it would be a nice feature.  (Brent is comfy with drywalling walls, but was not thrilled about tackling a ceiling, and we figured it might be worth hiring that job out). Plus, we have beadboard in our bathroom, so it would be a nice tie-in.

We calculated how many 16-foot boards we would need to MINIMIZE seams, and ordered the supplies from Home Depot. 

Challenge #1: HD delivered the wrong boards. 

Luckily, we were able to wait a couple of days to paint, so no biggie.  Also, the manager delivered the proper boards - in dress shoes :)

Challenge #2: Sanding, dusting, and painting 28 sixteen-foot boards in a small backyard, in 90 degree temps...not super easy/fun.

Pretty much the whole yard was utilized.
And all lawn furniture.

Brent took a break from insulation to help out.

It was hot - I'm not getting tan lines if I'm going to be outside for 4 hours in 90-degree weather ...

We decided that one coat in the blazing sun was great.  The second coat would be done once the ceiling was installed.

Challenge #3: Our walls are not straight - and the beadboard isn't either.

First board going up!

Making progress...

Lights? We can do this...

We did come up with some PRETTY sneaky tricks.  Brent noticed that a roll of tape we had was the perfect size to template the holes for our recessed lights.

So, with a few measurements, the tape roll with a mark for the center, and a jigsaw, we were in business.

We did have to make some on-the-fly adjustments.  About halfway through the largest piece of ceiling, the boards were clearly not straight.  (We suspect a piece bowed out in the center threw us).  So we let the next board have a bit of a gap on either end, lined it up with a chalkline, caulked the gap, and went from there.  I think it worked out really well, and I doubt anyone will be able to pick out the board...

I stated caulking and painting while Brent finished up the narrow part of the ceiling on the way to the dining room.  There was some...choice language...but lunch at 2:30 restored everyone's patience/confidence.  

We were finished with the install and painting by 5:30.  Note for you fellow DIY-ers - the roller with a 3/8" roller worked very well for the final coat of paint on the beadboard (instead of a brush or brush/roller combo).  

Celebratory martinis and dinner out followed.  Tomorrow is flooring install!  The funny part is...it's kind of the exact same thing...tongue and groove...but without the neck strain :)  

We LOVE how it came out!


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